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Since the inception of the automobile, gasoline gladiators have risked life & limb.... jumping & crashing cars.

Having "Car Wrecks" is a way of life 
for Brian Carson...

Brian Carson got his stunting start as a teenager in the 70's with a traveling auto daredevil  troupe, that criss-crossed the heartlands of America. During his eight year tenure, he mastered all of the thrill shows acts, but found his niche in automotive carnage.. totaling-out hundreds upon hundreds of old stock cars in metal crunching crashes.
From this old school of stunt driving, Brian envisioned a more spectacular brand of auto stunts, and ventured out on his own as a "one man wrecking crew". Carson barnstormed the United States and Canada performing (his now trademark) "explosive ramp to ruin" stunts for crowds coast to coast.

From California to Nova Scotia, Carson trekked on his "crash and burn" pilgrimages. In a consecutive twelve plus year span of tours  his stunts were highlighted at the top speedway, drag strip and the most prestigious outdoor and domed stadium venues across North America. His "wrecking ways" commanded multi-media attention, and Brian became recognized as one of the nations' foremost auto stunt performers.

After having performed in front of millions and through tragedies and triumphs, ("from broken bones to breaking world records") - Carson retired from the violent rigors of his annual performance tours after 1996, but he has yet to officially "hang up his helmet".

The veteran stunt drivers expertise has utilized the gamut over the years in front of the cameras, with his industry credits ranging from "behind the wheel" stunt work on police training films to an array of Hollywood feature films and blockbuster movies.
Brian's "over the edge" exploits have been witnessed by television audiences world wide, having been featured on an array of national & international telecasts, and primetime network TV specials.

Then in April 2001. Brian Carson tragically ended his active stunt driving career, as well as his way of living and nearly his life.

He was called upon to crash a drag racing "funny car" for a network sitcom TV show, where the (chrome-moly) roll cage fabricated for him disastrously broke on impact and he suffered massive injuries.  Brian spent several days in a coma, teetering in intensive care and was in a hospital for over a month, and spent more than a year in rehabilitation (from a traumatic head injury). 

Brian Carson, after over two and a half decades of stunt driving, leaves one awesome legacy, including having jumped more autos further than anybody ever has and crashed more cars than anyone in history.

So, stay tuned: the "King of Crash" is back! ... and looking for his next project.




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