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“Coma? Intensive Care? Jaws of Life? Bones sticking out of your arm?… This home-video is full of crazy stunts and a plethora of extreme injuries that only an emergency room doctor could stomach There is plenty of irony present too. For instance, Mr. Carson modestly remarks that he’s actually afraid of heights before a straight drop in a car (nose-first) from 15-stories from the ground… Not only is Brian Carson an insurance adjusters nightmare, but he also an incredible incurable optimist. After being in a coma for 3 days, the first words spoken to his wife were an enthusiastic “Let’s Go!” His enthusiasm is contagious. Yes my friend, this guy has balls of steel!.. All in all, King of Crash is an insane thrill ride with an inspiring message. You must see it.” *

       * QUOTE;  VIDEO REVIEW (partial)
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"KING of CRASH" AVAILABLE on VHS video cassette :  $20.00 -or-  DVD format :  $25.00 (U.S. Funds ONLY).  Please allow more than adequate period of time before receipt of your order, or production processing and handling & shipping, etc.  Please e-mail (via "Order button") if you wish to place an order of multiple numbers of media product, (in stock or by special order) whereas monetary discounts may be offered to Purchaser, for consideration. 

RATED PG-   WARNING!  Due to extreme graphic nature, violence and potential "life-n-death" contents... (Minors) viewer supervision is strongly advised.  NO stunts depicted on this VHS/DVD should ever be attempted by anyone but,  a trained & experienced professional stuntman or stunt driver, with all possible safety equipment used in-stunt car & by driver  -also- ( i.e.- paramedics & ambulance, manned fire truck w/"jaws of life" and safety... all in stand-by position. Minimum ! ) 


"GOALS" Stunt Poster  

Tired of the same old lame motivational posters...
How about this?

Ideal for your room, office, or shop.

An explosive real-life color photo poster of (are you ready?) Carson and car soaring through firestorm and space... "splitting-the-uprights" of football field goal posts!!!

One of a kind stunt poster. 20"x24" large lithograph print in brilliant color, boldly imprinted is the title and quote:

GOALS  "You'll never know if you can achieve them, if you don't take the risks to go after them."

$ 9.95  (US Currency)





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